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DragonBall Z Budakai

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DragonBall Z Budakai
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Dragon Ball Z Budakai Is A Full Throtle  Exiting Game and Has A Interactive Story Mode E.G

Namekian Saga


Sayin Saga

Android Saga

Cell Saga


Also Has A DBZ Official Story Lines Which Are Awseoume And Are Mostly The Same



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Also When Collected All Dragonballs From Story And Mr Popo Skill Shop

Summon Shenron And U Can Wish A Character To Have A Break Through Skill

Mr Popo s Skill Shop

In Mr Popo Skill Shop There Are Red Capsules Which Are Transformations And Death Moves For Example Big Bang Attack 4000 Zenie , Destructive Wave 2000 Zenie And Kamaehameha 2000 Zenie The Transformations Are Super Sayin(Goku) Perfect Form(cell) Final Form(Frieza) E.T.C

There Are Blue Capsules Which Contain Phisical And Hand To Hand Attack Moves For Example Intsant Killquick  Fierce Ramma , Nose Dive Crash E.TC Most Of These Skills Cost 1000 Zenie


There Are Green Capsules Which Contain Support Increase And Power Skills For Example Friezas Space Ship  Senzu Bean Potential Ans So On. These Are Around 2000 Zenie Onwards The Biggest Freizas Space Ship Which Costs 12,000 Zenie

The Silver Capsules Which Are DragonBalls Characters For Example Goku Vaggeta One Star Dragonball And So On.


In Dragon Ball Z Budakai There Is A World Tournament Mode Which Fight In A Tournament And Every Time U Win Or Become 2nd U Get Money.

  • Novice 1st 10,000 Zenie 2nd 5000 Zenie
  • Adept 1st 30,000 Zenie 2nd 15,000 Zenie
  • Advanced 1st 50,000 Zenie 2nd 25,000 Zenie

When U Win A Tournament U Get The Next One After It In Mr Popo Skill Shop At Reccomended Section At 8000 Zenie.



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